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This is an online Pokémon forum-based RPG. You start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer when given a Pokémon by the professor of whichever region you choose to begin your journey in. From then on, it is up to you to gain all 8 badges of that region and def
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 Radio Tower

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PostSubject: Radio Tower   Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:26 am

Rainbow Wing (7 JOHTO Badges Required)
Ultra Ball (Catches Stronger Pokémon than Great Ball)

Would you like a Radio? Radios have numerous uses in the Pokémon world.
The Pokémon March channel makes Wild Pokémon appear more often.
The Pokémon Lullaby channel repels Wild Pokémon, making them appear less often. The Lucky Channel serves as a lottery: any time you post a thread whilst listening to that channel, the moderator (me at the moment) will post both the lucky number and the number you have. If both match, you win a prize!
These are the channels that operate in Johto. Different channels operate in different regions.
Anyone who wants a radio, answer the following questions correctly:
1. Does Kurt use Aprikorn?
2. Can Magikarp learn a TM move?
3. Professor Oak does a Radio talk show. Is Marie his assistant?
4. Which of these have not appeared in the first gym of every region:
a. At least 1 trainer
b. A Pokémon that can be caught outside a cave somewhere in the Pokémon World
c. A Pokémon owned by Ash, Misty or Brock sometime during the anime
d. Geodude
5. In the Johto League, Lance has 4 Dragon-type Pokémon: True or False?

If you get the majority of the questions wrong, don't worry, you can just try tomorrow's quiz!

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Radio Tower
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