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This is an online Pokémon forum-based RPG. You start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer when given a Pokémon by the professor of whichever region you choose to begin your journey in. From then on, it is up to you to gain all 8 badges of that region and def
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 Poké Mart

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PostSubject: Poké Mart   Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:30 pm

How may I help you?
Poké Ball (Catches Pokémon) $20
Great Ball (Catches stronger Pokémon than Poké Ball) $60
Potion (Cures 20HP) $30
Super Potion (Cures 50HP) $70
Antidote (Cures Poison) $10
Parlyz Heal (Cures Paralysis) $20
Awakening (Cures Sleep) $25
Burn Heal (Cures Burns) $25
Ice Heal (Cures Freezing) $25
Revive (Revives a Pokémon to half HP) $150

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Poké Mart
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