Pokémon Titanium

Pokémon Titanium

This is an online Pokémon forum-based RPG. You start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer when given a Pokémon by the professor of whichever region you choose to begin your journey in. From then on, it is up to you to gain all 8 badges of that region and def
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 Pokémon :
PokémonNameHPLevelEXP to next LevelTotal EXPHeld ItemType(s)Next EvolutionCaughtOT (Original Trainer)
First PokémonCyndaquil2210742560 FireQuilava Lv. 14Professor Elm's LabAdmin
Second PokémonBeedrill321013311000Oran BerryBug/Poison Route near CehrrygroveAdmin
Third PokémonRattata231013311000Pink BowNormalRaticate Lv. 20Sprout TowerAdmin
Fourth Pokémon          
Fifth Pokémon          
Sixth Pokémon          
 Badges :
 Radio Station : None
 Inventory :
 Pokémon's Attacks :
Pokémon's AttacksNameAttack1Attack2Attack3Attack4
Pokémon2BeedrillPoison StingString ShotHardenFury Attack
Pokémon3RattataTackleBiteQuick AttackFocus Energy

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